January 2017


Mad or Angry at Your Spouse? Eat Something!

Mad or Angry at Your Spouse? Eat Something! Next time you feel the urge to lash out at your partner, grab a snack before venting. You may be “hangry”. Yes, it’s a real thing – feeling hungry and angry at the same time. Researchers have suspected, since the 1960’s that low blood sugar levels increase anger and aggression. Two studies, 2010 and 2011 supported this conclusion, but researchers wanted to see if the connection still held up with romantic couples. Brad Bushman of Ohio State University along with colleagues from University of Kentucky and North Carolina conducted a study in 2014. The researchers enlisted 107 married couples and tested their glucose and anger levels over 21 days.  Each partner was given blood glucose meters so they could test their glucose levels in the morning and at night before bed. To test anger, the couples were given voodoo dolls along with 51…