February 2017


Snake Island – World’s Deadliest Island

Picture yourself enjoying an exhilarating sailing experience off the coast of Brazil when suddenly an unexpected storm is upon you. You make it through the storm unscathed however, your sailboat has been battered and blown off course. With panic setting in you frantically scan the horizon looking for help. There in the distance you spot a tiny island and can just make out a lighthouse sticking above the treeline. With a burst of hope you maneuver your damaged boat to the island and hop ashore, intending to make your way up to the lighthouse for help. Fighting your way through knee-high grass you make it to the tree-line. As you duck under the branches and creep your way up to the hilltop you notice some of the branches moving. Peering closer you notice golden snakes everywhere in the trees. A jolt of panic-induced adrenaline sends you dashing up the hillside…