March 2017


Is your dog deceiving you?

Is your dog lying to you? Man’s best friend, right? Researchers have found dogs will lie and manipulate to get the most treats. Have you noticed your dog being devious? I’ve personally noticed one of my dogs bark at a “phantom” noise for the sole purpose of getting the other dog to check it out so the devious barker can steal the treat, toy, etc. To have that kind of deception shows some theory of mind; however, dogs have failed the mirror test, considered the standard for showing self-awareness. Marianne Heberlein, a researcher at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, was inspired after noticing her own dogs being manipulative. She has one dog who acts like there is something interested in a particular spot of the backyard in order to snag the optimal sleeping spot. Marianne wanted to know if dogs would deceive humans as well and setup a test…