June 2017


Orange Crocodiles

Imagine entering a new cave system deep in the central African rainforest, knowing you are one of the first humans to experience this territory. While you’re exploring the bat-filled, cramped corridor, you come face to face with two glowing red eyes! No this isn’t the new plot of a B action horror movie. Crocodiles were found living permanently in a huge Africa cave system. Olivier Testa is a speleologist, cave explorer, who came face to face with a cave-dwelling crocodile as he was exploring the Abandon cave system in Gabon, Africa.  In 2010, Olivier was on an expedition into the Abandon cave system following a tip that dwarf crocodiles had made these caves their permanent home.  Crocodiles generally only go underground for short periods if there is a drought on the land; therefore, it was highly unusual to find these crocodiles making a permanent home underground.    The explorers had to enter…