Humans aren’t the only species that enjoy intoxication. Monkeys, horses, sheep and elephants have all been documented eating or drinking substances to get high.

A BBC crew filmed for the 1st time a pod of dolphins passing around a pufferfish for the strict purpose of getting high.

The pufferfish produce a toxin called tetrodotoxin that is lethal to most of their predators. But the dolphins have figured out how to get high from small doses of the toxin.

The dolphins will grab the puffer fish gently and start chewing for 20 – 30 minutes and then pass it on to another dolphin. Literally, Puff, Puff…….Pass 😀

The dolphins are able to enter a trance-like state after playing around with the puffer fish.

Next up for the documentary crew is finding out what the dolphins do for the munchies!



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