The Hyperion Eco Village, named after the world’s tallest tree, looks like Vincent Callebaut Architectures yanked the concept directly from Dr. Seuss. The village was named after the tallest tree in the world, “Hyperion”.


The futuristic self-sustaining village will be constructed with six wooden 36-story towers.  The towers, connected by footbridges, each have a large pool on the top deck. The eco-village features extensive greenery and allows residents to grow vegetables on their balconies. The village also contains a small fish farm with their waste being used as fertilizer. Residents will be able to keep some livestock as a food source.

The village has many varying size apartments and office space available.



Hyperion village will produce more energy than it consumes. The tower is completely self-sustaining by using wind turbines mounted on the towers, solar panels and capturing and reusing rainwater.

Callebaut Architectures says that the project will be completed by 2022 in the Jaypee Sports City development in Greater Noida, near New Delhi.



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