What is your contingency plan when disaster strikes? If you have several million lying around you can buy a luxury condo in a decommissioned nuclear missile silo, courtesy of Survival Condo Project.

Global nuclear concerns and climate change prompted the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January 26, to move the Doomsday Clock forward 30 seconds and is now only 2.5 minutes to midnight. This is the closest the doomsday clock has been to midnight since 1953.  In 1953 the United States and the Soviet Union tested their first thermonuclear weapons. This was the closest we’ve come to potential destruction with the clock at 2 minutes to midnight. Are global tensions almost as bad now? If you think so and have at least $1.5 million dollars, Larry Hall, CEO of Survival Condo Project, has you covered.

In 2008 Larry Hall purchased a decommissioned Atlas F missile silo for $300,000 after hearing about the federal government reinvesting in disaster planning. $20 million dollars and 4 years later, the missile silo was converted into a 15-story underground bunker with 12 luxury condos.

The United States Air Force put the $15 million dollar Atlas F missile silos into operation from 1961-65. The Atlas F missile silo locations in Kansas were chosen because of height, seismology, and near population centers. The Atlas F silos were designed to withstand a direct nuclear strike and are considered to be among the strongest structures built. The silo uses special epoxy-hardened concrete and over 600 tons of high-strength rebar and is 9ft thick at the upper end. Hall also capped the silo with a dome capable of withstanding 500mph wind. Constructing the silo today would cost over $100 million dollars.

If and when disaster strikes it is likely to be dangerous outside for an extended period of time.

The Condos

To that end Larry Hall has designed and constructed a luxury bunker with a cruise ship feel. The “bunker resort” has 3 classes of units, the penthouse, a full unit, and a half unit that are all equipped with state-of-the-art furnishings.

The Kitchen and Living Room:

The Penthouse units start at $4.5 million with two levels containing 3,600 sq. ft. of living space. The bunker has 4 Full-floor Units starting at $3 million with 1,840 sq. ft. of living space for 6-10 people. The bunker also has 6 Half-floor Units starting at $1.5 million with 920 sq. ft. of living space for 3-5 people. The condos were constructed with 9ft high ceilings and TV windows that simulate the outdoors to give a relatively normal living experience. And apparently banks frown on financing doomsday bunkers so you will need to pay cash. Along with cash you need “good values” and be able to pass a rigid criminal screening process.

The condo itself is only part of the cost. You are also purchasing survival training and learning how to function in an “extended family”. The luxury bunker is designed to hold 75 people for more than 5 years and part of that design requires residents to help maintain the bunker.

Operating in survival mode you will be part of an extended family. This means everyone will share responsibilities for group security, maintaining the facility, managing the food supply, education, and medical support. During a crisis each adult will be required to work 4hrs a day and cannot leave without board approval.

Depression/irritability along with cliques are common when you are confined in close proximity with the same people. To combat these issues Hall has designed the condos with high ceilings, added lighting, LED “windows” simulating the outdoors, and chore rotation in survival mode.

The luxury bunker comes equipped with all the amenities you expect from a luxury condo complex, complete with even a condo association setting the rules.

The bunker has several options for you and your pet to burn energy and exercise:

A 75ft long pool with water slide

A fitness facility

And a park for your pets

The kids have an interactive classroom and for fun a rock climbing wall, pool table, ping pong table, and arcade room:

Residents also have a General/Grocery Store on site.


The bunker also has a small medical wing containing a surgery table, hospital bed, and dental chair. Hall claims there are 2 doctors and 1 dentist among the residents.


The bunker has redundant power supply via a wind turbine and caterpillar diesel generators. The bunker’s air system is even able to filter air after a nuclear disaster.

The bunker provides each resident with enough food for 5 years. The bunker will be able to provide fresh fruit, vegetables and fish via hydroponics and aquaculture.

The hydroponic system will grow 70 varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The bunker’s aquaculture setup will raise tilapia.


Larry Hall is providing residents with protection from doomsday and from people trying to seize the bunker.

Hall has installed 16,000lb blast doors, infrared cameras, proximity sensors, trip sensors, passive detectors, a security force and “sniper post”. He has already received threats to seize the bunker from other doomsday preppers.

The 16,000lb blast doors:

The Survival Condo Project also has transportation covered in a crisis, up to 400 miles. The Pit-Bull VX is armored up to .50 caliber and will pick up any owner within 400 miles.

For unruly residents the bunker even has a holding cell with a toilet.


Hall says most owners visit 2 or 3 times a year to enjoy the peace, quiet and security the bunker has to offer.


All condos are sold out already for Silo 1. Hall is constructing Silo 2 now and most condos are already sold. The 2nd silo will be 3 times as large, contain a bowling alley, and have L.E.D. windows as large as doors.

Hall has already paid for options on several more silos as demand is high.

Site #1  (Silo 2) and #11  (Silo 1) from the Atlas F Missile Program are located in the middle of Kansas.

Source: Survival Condo Project



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