Imagine a world where the blood from teenagers is harvested to give our species the fountain of youth.

Research revealed, at the San Diego NeuroScience Conference, shows teen blood reversing the aging process in the elderly.

Research Results

Teen blood plasma was discovered to rejuvenate old mice. The plasma substantially improved their cognition, memory and physical activity.

Alkahest, the company behind the research, sees potential for anti-aging treatments. A trial is currently underway using teenager blood on people with Alzheimers.

Previous research involved stitching together the blood system from a young and old mouse. The experiment produced an interesting result. The brains of the older mice showed anti-aging effects. The young mice weren’t so fortunate; it seems old blood increases aging in young mice.

Young plasma, the liquid part of blood, is key to rejuvenation. To test this theory, scientists gave 18 year-old human blood to 12 month-old mice. Mice at that age are similar to a 50 year-old human in terms of showing aging signs.

The mice were injected twice weekly with the young plasma. Tests, comparing the treated mice against 3 month-old mice and older untreated mice, were given after 3 weeks. The plasma was like an elixir. The treated mice ran around their space like the younger mice and were significantly better at navigating the maze.

Researchers suspected the plasma enables new neurons to form in the hippocampus, a process known as neurogenesis. This process is thought to be vital for memory and learning. Sure enough, new neurons were discovered after an autopsy of the mouse brain.

Teenage blood it seems has the power to rejuvenate the brain and body of the elderly.

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